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Cyril Duverbecq has been a cycling enthusiast since his childhood, and entered the world of competition in 1996.

> 1996/1997: Wins the French Championships, and races in many regional races.

> 1998/1999: Participates in the Coupe de France and is ranked among the top 10 in the French Espoir category.

> 2000: Joins the Véloroc MTB Club in Cavaillon, allowing him to race the Coupe de France and Hexagonal as part of a team. Cyril is ranked among the top 20 French elite in the senior category.

> 2001: First attempts at road racing. He is noticed by a national level club and participates in the Tour of Senegal. Wins numerous races: road, stages, "time trial".

> 2002: Combines his cycling with a passion for running to compete in duathlons and national multi-sport races.

Classed as elite in national rankings, reaching 99th on the list of the country’s top sportsmen in 2003. Competes in many departmental and regional races, where he continues to achieve good results.

> 2004/2005: Joins the Aveyron Terre d'Aventure team, competing in the World Adventure Racing Cup.

> 2007: Continues to compete in numerous disciplines (cyclocross, mountain biking, road, adventure racing...), and earns his State Certificate in the Coaching of Cycling Sports Activities (BEESAC). This is the starting point of his career in teaching bike skills.

Cyril Duverbecq has been supervising young riders since 2004 and created Duverbike in 2010 to share his passion for cycling. Duverbike offers everything riders need to enjoy biking in a safe and fun environment.

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